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Clerkenwell Design Week: the Brazilian brothers and other diiizzy delights

Forget the forthcoming FIFA World Cup…at least for the moment.

Brazil was a fulcrum at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, three days of feasts and festivities by international design firms hosting insatiable design fans and fiends during 20-22 May 2014 in London. And the Campana brothers, Brazil’s celebrity design duo, became the centre of attention.

Exclusively created chairs, stools, sofas, and other furniture by Sao Paulo-born Humberto and Fernando Campana were on show at The Crypt of the Order of St John, a former church converted into an exhibition venue for high-end craft in London’s design district Clerkenwell. They were part of an exhibition by edra, the Italian furniture manufacturer, and its London retail showroom the .IT All About Design.

The creations by the Campana brothers (see pictures below), including Corallo, Jenette, Cake Stool and Banquete Dolphins in Leather, are virtually expensive works of art designed to be talking points in any room and decadent magnets to collectors with money. The Cake Stool alone was picked up for US$31,000-plus at auction last year.

Alternatively, as an edra spokesperson explained, they are extraordinarily smooth and soft to touch and comfortable to sit on. This is due to the manufacturing techniques, which sees each seat built by hand with soft toys, leather, pieces of wood, strings of wool, from the ground up (as opposed to using upholstery to cover solid chair-shaped metal or wooden frames).

More on the Campana brothers’ work and edra here.

Banquete Dolphins in Leather (by Campana Brothers)

Banquete Dolphins in Leather (detail)

Cake Stool (by Campana Brothers)

Cake Stool (detail)

Grinza (by Campana Brothers)

Grinza (detail)

Corallo (by Campana Brothers)

Corallo (detail)

Favela (by Campana Brothers)

Favela (detail)

Leather Works (by Campana Brothers)

Leather Works (detail)

Jenette (by Campana Brothers)

Jenette (detail)

Also check out Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW), which featured a host of design delights and yummy sights for sore eyes.

CDW’s own magical Yellow Brick Road was the multi-coloured Tile Mile, an infinity mirror installation by Russ + Henshaw and Turkish Ceramics at the St John’s Gate arches in Clerkenwell 

And more…



And for some original heritage antique design…

Story by MediaTainment Finance (www.mediatainmentfinance.com)
Photos by JayKay Media Pix (www.jaykaymediainc.com)

Exclusive White Paper: Building The New Digital Content Market

JayKay Media Consultancy joined forces with London-based Boutique Editions, the international contract publisher, to produce an exclusive white paper on the new but forceful trend in high-quality original online video content and the implications for the global TV industry.

The client: MIPTV/MIPCOM, the annual international TV and creative content events in Cannes; it recently launched MIP Digital Fronts to cater to the YouTube-generation of blockbusting online video shows and the producers that have had traditional Hollywood studios watching their backs.

The result: Building the New Digital Content Market, almost 30 pages of facts, figures, data, video, articles and exclusive interviews with the top industry players

Brazil Music: Focus of Midem 2014 Outside The Box white paper

The roots of a country’s culture must lie entrenched in its music. And the same applies to Brazil with its universally loved samba, bossa nova, carnivals and beach parties.

This, however, is not about stereotyping. Brazil is home to a serious music business as the international industry will learn at the 48th edition of the Midem event in Cannes this weekend (1-4 February).

From the late legendary Renato Russo and 2012 global singles best-seller Michel Telo to the new-generation sounds of Criolo, Daniel Murray and Zemaria, Brazil is a rich source of recorded and live music acts.

And the business side is supported by a plethora of enterprises, ranging from the Rock in Rio festivals to the Som Livre record label.

To learn more about the music and entertainment biz in Midem’s latest Country of Honour, Latin America’s biggest economy and the opportunities available there, log into the Midem-published Outside The Box, a joint content-marketing series of White Papers supplied by JayKay Media Inc’s MediaTainment Finance.

The current edition features a Special Focus on Brazil. Read on http://www.midem.com/en/explore-the-library/whitepapers/outside-the-box-7/

2014 tech-and-brands thought leaders at LeWeb Paris 2013

TechMutiny, MediaTainment Finance’s sister tech-themed publication, attended LeWeb Paris’ 10th anniversary on 10-12 December and mingled with investors, technologists  and brand owners as they questioned, analyzed and debated  how to change consumers’ lives while making mon€y.

LeWeb, France’s annual tech-community event, spent its first 10 years helping to establish Europe as the equal to Silicon Valley for bringing together radical technology innovators and investors.  There is now a London edition, which takes place 9-10 June this year.

But among last December’s speakers, the start-up tech community will recognize names like Fred Wilson, Nick D’Aloisio, Jean-Baptiste Rudelle and Travis Kalanick.

Fast-food giant McDonald’s was one of the digital-savvy global brand owners participating. auFeminin Group explained how getting the right content and the content right are key to building a niche but thriving online global community.

And let’s not forget the on-stage presence of the technoillusionist magician and the real-life robot, if that is not a contradiction in terms.

This TechMutiny supplement took note of them as some of the thought leaders to keep an eye on in 2014 - the beginning of the next 10 years.

Find out who they are:


Ja Ja Ja Festival 2014 - Nordic-Music DeLights

The inaugural Ja Ja Ja Festival celebrating the best in emerging Nordic-music talent was hosted at The Roundhouse in London on 8-9 November courtesy of the Nordic Culture Fund and Nomex (Nordic Music Export). For two nights, that corner of north London was mesmerised by the ethereal sounds and atmospheric performances of up-and-coming artists in one of the world’s most productive regions for rock and pop. Below is a gallery of Broke and their apocalyptic punk music, NoNoNo vocalist Stina Wappling, and indie-pop group KidAstray in action.
@jajajanordic #jajajafest 

JayKay Media Pix (via Ja Ja Ja Festival at The Roundhouse)

Gallery: Luck - The Ace of Spades

JayKay Media Pix deals its hands with playing cards and throwing dice.
The Ace of Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts as you’ve never seen them before. For more, look at the whole Ace of Spades package

Brian May and Roger Taylor, two founding members of legendary rock band Queen, at Imperial College, London, to unveil the plaque commemorating the venue of the band’s first concert - at the university in July 1970. Achievements since then: 300 million records sold, including 18 No. 1 singles, 16 No. 1 albums; and owners of hits like We Will Rock You, The Show Must Go On, Who Wants To Live Forever, Radio Ga Ga and A Kind of Magic.

Photos: JayKay Media Pix

UK TV-commercials producers and the tech-finding mission

Today (4 March), a group of creative stars land in Silicon Valley on a tech-finding mission, courtesy of the UK’s Advertising Producers Association (APA).

The mission, which continues until 8 March, will bring some of the TV-commercials sector’s best minds to the homeland of innovative media technology.

A delegation of 27 UK-based production companies, including RSA Films, Framestore, Bigballs Films, The Mill, Stink, and Cut+Run will be joining the APA to exchange ideas, learn best practices and forge business partnerships with next-generation media groups like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Lucasfilm and Apple.

“Many brands and digital platforms want better, high-quality video content and we want to make sure they are aware of the APA members’ work,” says Steve Davies, the APA’s CEO. “We’re also going to Silicon Valley to learn how technology is evolving and how it will help our production companies offer new possibilities to clients and agencies who want to communicate with today’s digital-savvy consumers.”

The constantly forward-looking APA has organised trade missions to India (2011) and China (in 2009) to inform the two mega-emerging economies of the skills UK production houses have to offer.

In Silicon Valley, it is now addressing the global digital economy. In that environment, technology is extending video distribution from the still traditional TV platform to social media; mobile apps; Internet-delivered IPTV; OTT (over-the-top) TV services like Netflix and BT Vision; catch-up TV forums such as Demand 5 and ITV Player; Microsoft’s Xbox Live games network, Virgin Media’s TV Anywhere, and video-sharing giant YouTube.

These digital-media channels are increasingly snatching a share of the US$517.7bn that advertisers will spend globally on media this year (ZenithOptimedia).

These channels’ content is consumed by viewers at home and on the move on smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, and new connected-TV sets. They are equally being monetised with video advertising and APA members want to apply their creative skills to the emerging new digital environment.

JayKay Media Inc business journal MediaTainment Finance is a sponsorship partner of Beak Street Bugle, the APA’s online newspaper.


Dutch creativity - being well and truly protected

Planning to do business with the creative industries in the Netherlands? Looks like your rights are well and truly covered.

According to the recently published IFPI Digital Music Report 2013, 6.6 million Internet subscribers were accessing unlicensed online-music services in January 2012. By December that year, the number had dropped to 6.1 million.

IFPI and the local music industries say this proves their on-going battle against digital copyright infringement is paying off.

Megaupload, the rogue file-sharing cyberlocker operated from New Zealand with a server located in the Netherlands, was shut down by law-enforcement and anti-piracy agencies in January 2012.

In the same year, Internet service providers in the Netherlands opted to block access to The Pirate Bay, another file-sharing site notorious for encouraging access to unauthorised copyrighted content.

The anti-piracy campaign is also being supported by local mobile-telecom groups like KPN and T-Mobile - to make legal music services like Spotify and Deezer easily available to fans.

The reward? The Netherlands reported the highest growth (a 52% jump) in digital music in Europe last year.

So how are the other Dutch creative sectors faring? MediaTainment Finance’s analysis can be found in Issue No. 13 – just out. For more information, read http://jaykaymediainc.com/uploads/portfolio/55/mediatainmentfinanceissueno13abridged.pdf